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Family Members Express Thanks to Wilshire at Lakewood Care Center

At Capital Health Management, our goal is to create and manage vibrant communities, featuring individualized care and the comforts of home. We could not achieve this goal without the dedicated and caring staff within our communities.

Recently, a Wilshire at Lakewood Care Center resident’s family reached out to us with a message of appreciation for the quality of the community, staff and COVID-19 response.

We cherish our time with each at every resident, and we are so grateful for these words of encouragement. Please read below to hear how Wilshire at Lakewood Care Center positively impacted the life of Grace O’Hara and her family.

April 30, 2020

We have always known that Wilshire at Lakewood is a step above the other quality retirement centers and leagues ahead of the run-of-the-mill retirement centers. Your facility always smells and appears pleasant, and you have plenty of caring and qualified staff. Grandma Gracie has dementia and is a wanderer. Your staff always knows where she is when we come in to visit her. Your food is excellent. What more could we ask of a facility?

The very fact that Wilshire shut down immediately when this pandemic attacked and way ahead of the lesser quality centers set you folks apart. Your people have outdone themselves with this drive through visitation today. It was a Godsend for your residents as well as for us, the families and friends. The whole operation was well thought out and protected our loved ones too.

Clearly, this effort today took a lot of work on the part of your staff and management.

There is no way that we can properly thank you for the gift that you gave our loved ones and to us.

Ray & Ronna Magargee,

Daughter and son-in-law of Grace O’Hara

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